Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another week, another playlist

Okay, so this week was something more of a regular week, so there was no theme. However, I felt rather strongly towards a more standard rock band lineup and sound, so it was another drum-and-guitar set.

young marble giants - credit in the straight world
cranes - reach (live)
christian death - this glass house
alien sex fiend - now I'm feeling zombified
red lorry yellow lorry - hand on heart
danse society - danse/move
she past away - sanri
skeleton hands - dotted lines
cold showers - bc
belgrado - in my head
pink turns blue - walking on both sides
fangs on fur - new coats
the cure - the hanging garden
bauhaus - the man with x-ray eyes
the cramps - human fly
balaam and the angel - two into one
clan of ximox - muscoviet mosquito
the royal family and the poor feat peter hook - voices
death in june - she said destroy
coil - heartworms

Next Tuesday, it's International Man in Black Day, celebrating the influence and legacy to a pair of true american rebels, Bill Hicks and Johnny Cash, so this will be the theme for the show. Wait to hear what I'll do with that.

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