Thursday, February 28, 2013

The procrastinator

Well, this week I was supposed to do my podcast along the theme of "the man in black" tribute. On paper, a good idea, in practice, a pain in the butt. Especially given my terrible tendency to put the set list together on Sunday night, to be delivered before I hit the sack, which usually means three AM.

Overall, a pretty dumb move. Its a two-part thing, really; on one hand, I like to keep it fresh, so the set list I put out is as close to the feeling of the moment as I can make it without doing it live, on the other hand, I'm a procrastinator. I keep delaying doing anything, no matter how small, or trivial, or how much of a benefit I'd get from it. Like a full night of sleep before starting the work week.

Anyways, enough bitching and recriminations, here's the playlist for this week's show:

those poor bastards - i walk the line
the cramps - big black witchcraft rock
scarlet and the zombie spiders - zombie werewolf
christ vs warhol - cross of lorraine
the sisters of mercy - walk away
alien sex fiend - i walk the line
sex gang children - sebastiane
imaginary steps - when i'm gone
flowers for agatha - the common enemy
miranda sex garden - peep show
red lorry yellow lorry - he's read
joy division - interzone
christian death - sleepwalk
skeletal family - she cries alone
ausgang - crawling the walls
soviet soviet - marksman
a touch of hysteria - non compos mentis
les yeux sans visage - neon lies
decima victima - un hombre solo
the cure - pornography
haus arafna - i did it for you
three winters - atrocities

Now, there's a couple of notes about this playlist: for one, I opened it with a Johnny Cash cover, which does sort of work with my planned theme. It's also one of the most interesting cover versions of any sort I've heard. Second, waiting till the last moment to do things means that I'm rushed and don't pay attention to little details, like spelling. I realized that I had made several spelling errors, which I find a little embarrassing, but that's being a writer wannabe for you.

Tune in to the show next Monday, where I'll be spinning it back towards electronics. Maybe. I'll see how the mood goes.

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