Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back from the deep and into the fire

So after last week's bit of depression and so forth, I decided that this week, I'd shake some of those March winter blues and get stomping. This week's set is pretty heavy on the drums and bass, without any drum-and-bass.

the chameleons uk - dont fall
dead skeletons - yama
inkubus sukkubus - heartbeat of the earth
rosenkopf - troth
angels of liberty - girl under the water
soror dolorosa - 43'
13th chime - cursed
every new dead ghost - hunters
miguel and the living dead - batcave
deadchovsky - alcool
hysteria - love thine enemy
fangs on fur - blood on the sand
skeletal family - lies
sex gang children - sebastiane
christ vs warhol - the end is nigh
dekoder - sanity
alaric - tribute
dystopian society - dystopian society
mizar - vo mojot son
derniere volonte - toujours
chelsea wolfe - advice and vices

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