Sunday, March 31, 2013

The rule of thirds

I've been a pretty lazy bastard. All winter, hell, much longer than that, I've been feeding myself, living in comfort with next to zero exercise. I can always find convenient excuses to not change a damn thin too: no money, no time, other things to do. But really, I spend quite a bit of time just looking for things to occupy the shriveled nut that serves as my brain.

Computer games for instance. I have about ten st up right now, most of which go unplayed, simply because I always get taken in by the latest one. I gotta say, Funcom's The Secret World is pretty damn addictive. It really packs a lot of meat for little junkies like me.

But I have to take a break from that. I need to get my ass in gear. Get going.

It took some time and doing, but I'm finally getting to join a class. I have an escrima school just by the metro, so I have little excuses not to join, especially since that my biggest impediment debts, has been addressed. Sure, the schedule is not the best (call centers do that) but the teacher is accommodating. So I'll be signing up this week, and I'll have to get myself into shape ASAP if I don't want to get my ass kicked. So the bike is getting tuned up and set up so that I have even less excuses.

So that's two thirds: working out and escrima. I also want to get back to learning languages, one way or another. I have something of a knack for it, so I should stop wasting time and do it.

The three goals fr the coming year:

1- Proficiency in escrima
2- Getting in good enough shape that I can reasonably attend martial arts seminars with no shame (and lose a few belt knotches in the bargain)
3- Proficiency in one new language.

It's doable, heck, even modest a far as expectations.

And to get my ass in gear, a first challenge: no alcohol for six weeks. I want to see what impact it'll have on my health. I'll take it from there.

Here's a video of what escrima entails:

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