Friday, March 8, 2013

Ides of March

March is a bad time for me, go figure. Might be that cabin fever is setting in bad, might be that I'm long overdue for a proper vacation, sometime out of my skin and mind.

That being said, this last couple of weeks have been putting me in a bad space and I decided to exorcise some of the poison out with last Monday's playlist.

To get in the right mood, get some bad lighting, remember some of your screw-ups and other failures, drink some vodka and have a one-man mosh pit in your basement. Yeah, it's one of those:

kraftwerk - metropolis
fad gadget - insecticide
black marble - msq no-extra
esplendor geometrico - unidas de control
dive - final report
dark day - no, nothing, never
suicide - ghost rider
the kvb - 8 hours
no more - suicide commando
tommi stumpff - helden sterben
haus arafna - heart beats blood flows
blitzkrieg baby - your happy place
makina girgir - alpha
in trance 95 - shapes in a new geometry
nine circles - twilight stars
depeche mode - the things you said
coil - tainted love

Low-key, minimal electronics, with a last minute addition of Suicide, because you're not in a dark mood if you're not craving some Suicide, and some closure by Coil. Hey, we all get those days. Maybe the weekend will bring some more positive tidings and I'll post a more joyful set on next Monday, but don't hold your breath.

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