Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sorta like renfair...

So last Monday I decided to play along the medieval/folk sound, because I haven't touched it much and I used to be big into that. This is what got played.

this mortal coil - song to the siren
coco rosie - gallows
corvus corax - ballade de mercy
faun - andro
anastasia - na rekah vavilonskih
rome - der wolfsmantel
derniere volonte - la joie devant la mort
unwoman - written in red
voltaire - ex-lover's lover
swans - love will save you
nick cave and the bad seeds - henry lee
andromeda complex - la chevelure
sol invictus - the killing tide
mick harvey - demon alcohol
michael gira - michael's white hands
johnny cash - personal jesus
the tiger lillies - beat me
bauhaus - hope

Yeah, it was a thing.

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